• beach

    Eat, sleep, drink, play at the beach. Peruse through our wide range of itineraries that feature everything from the beach to the country.

  • safari tanzania

    Travel with Diwaka Tours to Tanzania and discover more of Africa's treasures.

  • discover places

    Discover places. Let us show you things you haven't seen, places you haven't gone.

  • track the gorillas

    Explore the vast Bwindi with Diwaka. Carry your back pack and charge your batteries as we venture deep in to the impenetrable forest, as we have always done, many times.

  • reservations

    We provide a range of hotels at comfortable prices. A secluded beach front in a hidden enclave of Africa? We can get you there.

  • kenya safari

    You are never closer to nature than when you are in Kenya... the home of the Maasai.

  • hire a car

    We at Diwaka provide car hire at optimal cost, cars in good conditions and terms to match.

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airOn request, we can combine your safari itinerary with a stay at the beach hotels in Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu and Zanzibar for any number of nights.